Over the last decade, security has become a primary concern for all organisations irrespective of the size. MBMPL realised this and ventured into providing security and surveillance solutions to the clients as a part of its offerings. As the security devices became IP enabled, it also led to CCTV, biometric devices and access control systems being an integrated part of the IT infrastructure. Designing the security network to give the optimal coverage as required by the clients is the prime objective of the MBMPL team.

Our client who is into providing global turnkey project installations for over 25 years for fully manual, semi-automatic, and fully automatic processes wanted to have a 100% security coverage in certain areas of their plant. MBMPL team surveyed the premises, designed and executed the project to achieve the client requirement. The network consisted of 90 IP cameras, NVRs and the required passive network on fiber and copper cables.

  1. CCTV Camera
    1. Analog Camera
    2. IP Camera
  2. Biometric Attendance System
  3. Door Access Control