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IT Infrastructure Management

MATRIX has evolved as one of the few organisations which provide the whole gamut of products, solutions and services in IT infrastructure. We are one of the preferred vendors for our clients as we have been able to design, configure and integrate various products and applications to give the desired solutions to our clients. Not only do we deploy the solution but we also manage and maintain it by providing the appropriate IT resource at the client site. Our team is 60 member strong and have the skillsets to design, execute and manage complex IT Infrastructure projects. The quality of our services have been appreciated by our clients and the long term relationship that we have formed with them is a testimony to that.

Our offerings include

  • Design and implementation of LAN,
  • Deployment of desktops and servers,
  • Supply and configuration of switches, routers, firewall
  • Configuration of Operating Systems and Mailing applications
  • Migration
  • Onsite and Remote infrastructure support
  • Virtualisation
  • Design and implementation of CCTV, Access control and Biometric devices
  • Turnkey project implementation and consultancy
  • Application solutions for attendance, payroll, employee portal and complete HRMS suite


  • Peoplescope - HRMS software suite including Attendance and Payroll modules
  • PeopleScope offers a range of easy-to-use, Integrable, customizable products that are designed by a team of technologists. All the proposed solutions are:
    • Web-enabled
    • Modular
    • Integrated
    • Easy to understand with Graphical analysis of data
    • Equipped with a Graphical User Interface
    • Easily adapted to SMS Integration
    • State-of-the-art technology
    • Highly cost efficient
  • Salarium

Payroll Management System

Salarium : the payroll processing software from PeopleScope has been designed as per current Payroll Processing conventions in India and is flexible enough to take care of changes that could be brought into effect in the near future. Developed using the latest technology, Salarium is universally accessible. This allows immense end user convenience. Some key features of the product

  • Key Features:
    • Multi-Company-Multi-location-Multi-user Framework
    • Authority delegation (User Access definitions)
    • Configurable and Multiple Salary Structures
    • Covers all statutory compliance reports upto e-files for PF,ESI and TDS
    • Use of MS-Excel for Data In and Out
    • Leave Management (Online and Configurable with different rules upto leave encashment)
    • Salary Advance Management
    • Gratuity calculations
    • Cost–Center wise salary details
    • Completely configurable TDS module (Form 16, e- files for Monthly Chalan, Qtrly/Annual Returns)
    • Salary Increments
    • Bank Statement (e-reconciliation format) Pay slip email facility
  • PeopleScope Ora

Attendance Management System

Ora: Ora is a useful tool to effectively manage various complex scenarios in the area of Employee Attendance Management across different verticals

  • Key Features:
    • Central Database Management
    • Manage Multiple Shifts and Schedules (Auto shift Roaster)
    • Leave Module: Deal with Complex Scenarios Easily (Leave Types/ Carry forward/ Rule configuration)
    • Holiday Management
    • User Management
    • Late-In/ Early-Out Policy
    • Overtime Policy
    • Absenteeism Policy
    • Compensatory Off (Comp-OFF) Policy
    • Attendance Summary
    • Past and Pre-Leave Data Adjustments: Manual Overwrite option
    • Dashboard View
    • Integration with Payroll
    • Manual Entry and Corrections of In and Out Data
  • PeopleScope Personata

Employee Self Service Portal System

Personata is a one-point comprehensive interface with the HR function for all employees throughout the company. This application will reduce significantly a large amount of administrative and clerical work mandated to the HR Team. Personata is ideal for companies with a largely distributed workforce (Sales and service team across different regions).

  • Key Features:
    • Profile View and update
    • Online Leave Management with Authorization process
    • On-duty/Compensatory-off Management with Authorization process
    • Reimbursement of expenses
    • Travel: Plan and expense report
    • Medical Reimbursement
    • Income Tax Support module
    • TDS Info details
    • TDS Summary
    • Update Provisions (Investment Details )
    • PF Accumulation Details
    • Pay slip View and print
    • Pending list of approvals
    • Company news/message
    • Personal information display/update
    • Upcoming Birthday List
    • Forms and application
    • Company Policy, Magazines
    • Meeting Room Booking
    • Vehicle Requisition
    • Wall posts : Publish Messages from HR and Management
  • PeopleScope RecruitIn

Recruitment Management System

Recruitin is the solution for the complexities related to recruitment process in any organization, it has got very comprehensive candidate search. Vacancy can be tracked through multiple stages and various analytical reports are available.

  • Key Features:
    • Vacancy can be posted by HOD’s
    • Search Candidate on multiple key’s in your database
    • Import candidate data from excel
    • Schedule Multiple Rounds of Interviews and Track them
    • Generate offer letter /appointment letter
    • Send SMS/Mail to candidates at various stages of recruitment
    • Integrated with the core Salary management system (Salarium)
  • PeopleScope Trainme

Training Management System

Trainme is comprehensive solution to manage all the activites related to training programs in any organization. The system and reports are designed considering the requirements of ISO systems

  • Key Features:
    • Yearly Training Plan
    • Actual Training Plan
    • Training Execution Details
    • Training feedback from the employees
    • Training Effectiveness by the Superior
    • Training calendar report with different color codes as per stages
    • Budget Report
    • List of Trainers
    • Training Types etc
  • PeopleScope PMS

Performance Management System

PMS takes care of the definition of KRA’s / Objectives and review work flow as per the stipulated period defined in the organization. The data is managed and presented so well that this comes as a handy tool for any HR manager.

  • Key Features:
    • Define Company Goals
    • Objectives /KRA definition
    • Rating definition
    • Design your Questionnaire
    • Design Appraisal form – assign KRA’s and Questionnaire
    • Review at 2 stages
    • Recommendation and Training needs
    • Analysis reports
  • PeopleScope VisMan

Visitor Management System

VisMan manages the visitor data very well and gives you complete information with photographs for all the visitors. This is useful for tracking and analyzing visitor flow as well very much essential from security perspective in any organization.

  • Key Features:
    • Create appointment for the visitor
    • Security alert
    • Gate pass preparation with photo capture through webcam
    • Print gate pass (Optional)
    • End of meeting by office
    • Out time update at Security
    • Visitor register
    • Visitor register with Photographs and other details

Desktop-specific Operations and Support

  • Setting up hardware for desktops and ensuring uniformity as per standards defined by customer.
  • Setting up software for desktops. Includes installing/configuring operating system .
  • Trouble shooting all problems related to softwares installed.
  • Installing anti virus and office automation products.

Server specific Support operations

  • Configuration of Operating systems.
  • Resolving all server related problems.
  • MIS reports using server management software
  • Orderly system performance with monitoring system details with server tools provided by customer.
  • Creation of users and group, modification and deletions.

LAN Specific support operations:

  • Support on configuration of networking devices and restoring original configuration of replaced devices.
  • Assigning and Managing the IP addresses across all the users.
  • Proactive fault detection, failure possibilities and taking measures for rectification.
  • Managing the LAN cable connections and Numbering and identification of each Network connection.
  • Establishing Network Diagram and understanding the entire network & take care of collisions in the network.

Wan Specific support operations:

  • Re-configuration of WAN devices if required
  • Managing and Monitoring the WAN traffic.
  • Optimization for traffic analysis and management.
  • Trouble shooting all WAN related issues within Scope.
  • Coordination with ISP for IPLC Link/Lease Line/ISDN Line.
  • Coordination with other vendors for various issues when required

Software Support:

  • OS (Operating System) & OA (Applications) Support
  • Support on all Application Packages for installation, Version Upgradation, Primary Trouble Shooting, Reinstallation, Loading patches, helping the user of any operational problems.
  • Regular Updating / Upgrading the software to fix the problems

Mail Client Management /Support: (If Applicable)

  • Installing, Configuring and Rectifying e-mail related problems at user level.
  • To provide an alternate route in case of a link failure.
  • Ensuring Confidentially of user ID and User security.
  • User ID shifting and installation of client in case of creation of new user

Back-up and restoration:

  • Performing Back-ups for the Operating systems and Application Software.
  • Ensuring proper storage and handling of media.
  • Maintaining proper records for data back–up scheduling.
  • Sample back-up restoration backed-up on quarterly basis to confirm data integrity.
  • Maintaining Log sheets of back-up for ensuring the integrity & timely scheduled

Security Management:

  • Physical security aspects given priority consideration.
  • Means for Data security are enhanced through user authentications.
  • Managing security with passwords on critical equipments.
  • Compliance to customer Security needs and managing the same standard.

Virus Threat Management:

  • Installation of anti virus to be provide by customer
  • Updating anti virus when new versions with new versions provided by customer
  • Anti virus software to be provided in case if customer requires.
  • Data recovery process when required/possible.

Asset Management

  • Careful Asset tracking and analysis of IT equipment, Software Media and Software licensees with a ‘Asset Management System’ and adhering to good asset management practices
  • To ensure the ID Mark on every IT equipment by tagging and maintain the soft copy of all IT assets with their detail configuration and updating the same as and when any changes appeared.
  • Routine Inventory check of the IT equipment

Performance Monitoring and Tuning:

  • Evaluating the system performance under normal and degraded condition.
  • Carrying periodic fine-tuning to ensure enhanced systems performance and network availability.
  • Monitoring server usage statistics in terms of CPU, Hard disk, Utilization, and Memory at various levels.
  • Proactive disk management, creating space by deleting all unwanted data and providing suggestions for capacity planning of desktop space.
  • Regular scandisk and chkdsk of all the desktops local drives

PM & Corrective Actions:

  • Prepare and Provide PM schedule of systems, peripherals and printers .
  • Testing and checking of the faulty hardware part / module by using the proper Hardware Diagnostics tools.
  • Prepare the report about the failure of the hardware with corrective action taken.

Vendor Management (If Applicable)

  • Keeping a track of Warranty details for all the machines.
  • Maintaining database of Approved vendors, if authorised.
  • Repair /Replacement offsite by external vendors to be carried out as & when required.
  • Vendor Co-ordination and Escalation whenever necessary.
  • Ensure Preventive maintenance schedules incase of machines under Warranty.
  • Vendor performance analysis/feedback.

Report Generations (Select Applicable Report)

  • Complaints logged with history
  • Complete Call report
  • Open Call report
  • Daily Call Log
  • Critical call details and Tracking
  • Escalation report & Escalated Call Status
  • Preventive maintenance report
  • Monthly Response time and Avg. Down time
  • Equipment Usage Report
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